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  • Welcome to Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur

About College of Fisheries


Rajasthan is the largest state of India with a geographical area of 34.2 million ha. It represents 10.4% land area and about 1% of total inland water resources available for fisheries development in the country. Besides the 3.6 lakh ha of known cultivable waters there are unknown and uncharted stretches of waters in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, per hectare fish production in waters of <10 ha is 532.6 kg, while in larger waters (>10ha to 500 ha) it is 181.83 kg/ha.


The fisheries research and teaching activities came into existence in 1979 at Udaipur within university systemwith the creation of Limnology and Fisheries Department. This was the first of its kind in the Northern and Western states of India. The College of Fisheries, Udaipur was established in November 2003 by upgrading the Department of Limnology & Fisheries of Agriculture faculty.. However, a formal approval for the estabishment of this new college has been received  in April 2010 from the state government.This was created with the primary aim of providing professional education in fisheries science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for furthering knowledge in this field through systematic teaching & research, and for faster dissemination of research findings to field workers and end users for scientific exploitation of  fisheries resources in the state of Rajasthan.


Campus location:

The location of the College is such that it provides at one place the necessary facilities for academic instruction and practical / research facilities in freshwater fish culture, limnology, etc. The main campus is located in the heart of Udaipur City at Surajpole-Airport Road.



The main campus of the College comprises the administrative block, library, museum an Aqua-Gallery and set up of Department of Aquaculture.



The library has a collection of over 1000 books, technical reports, thesis, periodicals and technical reports. The College receives 7 research journals.


The laboratories of the different units, viz., aquaculture, limnology, natural resource management, post harvest technology, microbiology, etc. of the College are spacious and fairly equipped.  College has a number of sophisticated instruments such as sensing probes for pH, EC, temp., DO, Eco-sounder, GPS, field water analyzer, inverted and stereoscopic microscopes, CCTV, UV-visible spectrophotometer, incubators, photo-micrographic equipments, refrigerated centrifuge, TLC, Gel electrophoresis apparatus, deionised water plant,flame photometer, UVmoisture balance, flow meter etc.


Instructional Farm:

The College has an instructional farm-cum-hatchery unit. It is mainly for practical training and research in freshwater aquaculture. Under ICAR AP Cess Revolving Fund Scheme construction of ponds and hatchery unit has been done. There is also a field laboratory and training room attached to the fish farm. The farm is moderately equipped  for the breeding and rearing of carp and ornamental fish. A brood fish pond is also located near fish farm.



For creating awareness in masses about aquatic creatures and for environmental education, an Aqua-Gallery has been setup by the College. This gallery was inaugurated by DG, ICAR on 26-08-2003 in presence of our Vice-Chancellor and DDG (Fisheries). This gallery attracts civilians, youth and school children in sizable number.



The faculty members of the college have published above 300 research papers in the journals of national and international repute. Besides, this, the faculty has also published seven books, four manuals and several leaflets on fisheries extension etc.


Research Projects

In the field of inland fishery & limnology, this College has successfully completed 19 research projects which were sponsored by state and national level funding organizations including ICAR, CSIR, DST, DOD, UNICEF, SWACH, etc. Projects currently running and completed in recent past are:

  • DAE-BRNS Project on Biodiversity and Productivity of Rana Pratap Sagar: A Thermal Ecological Study
  • ICAR AP-Cess Fund Project on Use of Trace Element on Zooplankton
  • Collaborative Project with NBFGR, Lucknow on Impact of Exotic Fishes
  • Non-Plan Project on Standardization of regional technology for carp culture
  • Non-Plan Project on Studies on the survival of fishes under different environmental conditions
  • ICAR AP-Cess Fund Project on Carp Seed Production
  • DAEBRNS project on Concentration factor in Rana Pratap sagar.

An ambitious plan A project for fish seed production under National Mega Seed Programme has been initiated with ICAR funding.



Under various research programmes, COF has significantly contributed in the field of reservoir limnology, freshwater aquaculture, aquatic toxicology, fish nutrition, culture of fish food organisms, waste recycling in aquaculture etc. The salient achievements of the College are as under:

  • Designed and fabricated five types of water sampling devices useful  for limnological research.
  • For the first time bred local carp Labeo gonius in captivity using induced breeding technique.
  • Conducted extensive limnological survey of several water bodies of Rajasthan for assessing their trophic status, primary productivity and water quality.
  • Under UNICEF / SWACH project developed a field kit for checking potability of drinking water in the rural areas.
  • For eradication of dracunculosis in the Tribal Sub-Plan area, 5 types of water filters were designed. One of these designs was accepted and adopted by the UNICEF / SWACH for dissemination in tribal area. 1 million funnel filters were distributed among tribles by SWACH/ UNICEF.
  • Conducted study on the exotic carp Oreochromis mossambicus in Lake Jaisamand for suggesting necessary measures for its control.
  • Utility of selected organic wastes viz., cattle dung, night soil, sewage effluents, sludge and agro-industrial wastes for the production of live fish food organisms has been worked out.
  • Under mass employment generation through science and technology (MEGSAT) programme of DST, Govt. of India, several training programmes on ornamental fish culture and breeding and fish farming have been organized.
  • Under nutrition research activities, the department has worked out suitable agro-wastes and their quantities for use as the supplementary diet of fish.
  • Designed a simple device for measuring live weight of aquatic invertebrates under field conditions.
  • The College has so far screened several herbs namely Safed and Kali Musli, Mulethi, Chandrashoor, Shatavari, Ashwagandha,Bala, Lotus root, Gokhru and Makhana for ascertaining their utility as growth enhancer and stimulant for gonadal development for the fish with encouraging results.
  • Department of Aquaculture has successfully organized a User's Workshop on DST Project on Limnology of Berach River System sponsored by the DST, Govt. of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
  • A training programme for the PHED engineers on water quality assessment was organized.
  • Eleventh National Symposium on Environment was organized at Udaipur (5-7 June, 2002) in collaboration with BARC & BRNS which was sponsored by the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India.
  • A short course sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi on Advances in Applied Limnology for the Management of Inland Waters was organized during February 5-14, 2003.
  • A 21-days winter course on Advances in culture and breeding of freshwater ornamental fish and aquarium management was organized from February 08-28, 2005.
  • For the eradication of water hyacinth from Udaipur Lakes, College of Fisheries designed a conveyor belt which successfully harvested ten thousand MT of the weed in a record period of 15 days to clear 33 hectares of weed infestation.
  • Cage culture of Indian major carp in Lake Jaisamand in association with State Fisheries Department and Rajasthan Tribal Areas Development Cooperatives Federation Ltd., Udaipur was successfully attempted with encouraging results.


Our Priorities


  • Carp and prawn production potentialities of different water systems.
  • Development of carp and prawn culture technology for micro watersheds.
  • Low cost nutritionally balanced diet for finfishes.
  • Survey of aquatic biodiversity.
  • Fish culture as a component of integrated farming system.
  • Development on low cost carp seed production and rearing technology.
  • Technology for fisheries management particularly for small and medium sized reservoirs.
  • Use of selected herbs in the carp diet for promoting somatic growth, gonads and disease resistance.
  • Carp diseases in capture and culture systems
  • Developing regional technology for aquarium fish culture and breeding.
  • Studies on productivity and limnology of inland waters.
  • Assessment of aquatic pollution and its impact   on flora and fauna.
  • Refinement of seed rearing technology in small village ponds.




  • Fast dissemination of available aquaculture technology at grass root level through appropriate extension programmes. The University has provided two Subject Matter Specialists (Assistant Professors) at Kota and Banswara.


faculty of college of fisheries

0294-2421753 (O), Fax : 0294-2421753


The Dean is the administrative and academic head of the College. The present faculty strength under various categories is 7 (2 Assoc. Professors, 5 Asstt Professors, one STA and a few supporting staff ).

Dr. L.L. Sharma, Head,Dept.of Aquaculture

P.No. 206/13, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur
0294 2410943, 9829230343

Dr. A.K. Gupta, Assoc Professor
T-9, Tilak Nagar, Hiran Magri, Sector-3, Udaipur

Dr. Om Prakash Sharma, Assoc Professor
21, Aravali Complex, Kalkamata
Raghunathpura Road, Payada, Udaipur
0294 2470428, 9414683445

Dr. S.K. Sharma, Asstt Professor
22-C Parshwanath Nagar,
Roopsagar Road, Udaipur
0294 2426063  9352519189

Dr. B.K. Sharma, Asstt Professor
55-Madhav Nagar
Opp.Govt.Sec.School Sobhagpura

Dr. V.P. Saini, Asstt Professor
5-Friends Colony, Nr. St.Gregorious
School, Udaipur
0294 2427643, 9413217580


Supporting Staff

Dr. S. Mathur, STA
14, Near St. Gregorious School, Udaipur
9928366507, 0294 2418135(R)


Sh. Dinesh Purbia, UDC
K-23, Behind Bal Vinay Mandir School
Haridasji-ki-Magri, Udaipur
0294 3202434


Sh. Thana Ram, Lab Boy
Fisheries college campus

Sh. Sukh Ram, Peon
696, Kailash Colony
Machhala Magra,

Sh. Laxman Singh, Fisherman
G-8, University Staff Colony
CTAE Campus,

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